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 XEN HFA Official Rulebook

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PostSubject: XEN HFA Official Rulebook   XEN HFA Official Rulebook EmptyMon Feb 25, 2013 8:06 pm


1. Games are played with 4 players on offence, 5 players on defence.
- 1-1. Defences cannot have more than 4 players while on their own 20 yard line (4 spaces).
- 1-2. Teams can play with a minimum of 3 players, no less.
2. Games are played with four 150 second quarters (clock set at 300, stops at 150, SS, resume game, like NFL).
3. Each team must have 1 quarterback.
4. The quarterbacks will have rights to move the "ball" around the field.
5. The game uses NFL rules for almost everything.
6. When the offence reaches the endzone, they'll be awarded with 6 points.
7. All substitutes must remain on bench or behind the bars, otherwise a penalty will be called.
8. If more than one person steps on the rug at same time, the possession will go to the one closer to the mat, if they are equally far, the one farther from the defending end of the field will have it.
9. In case both sides end the regular time tied, a 1'99 sec OT will take place, where the first team to score FIVE points will be the winner. If by the end of the time no team scored 5 points, the team with most points will win the game, if they're still tied, a tie will be called. In playourffs, there's no time limit, the game goes until someone scores 5.
10. Games use a ref crew to run the games, they can call penalties when they see them, or review the calls in a vote system if there's no video. The crew is composed of:
- 10-1. Main Referee - Call the plays, move the LOS and first down mats, check team players and manage the crowd, hypercam the game.
- 10-2. Time Keeper - Run the clock during the game, stopping it for incs, turnovers, out of bounds, timeouts, among others (NFL). Call delay 10 seconds after the call is made (and mat is moved), counting down from 20 to 0 (20,15,10,5,0).
- 10-3. Stat Keeper - Keep record of all game stats, keep track of the down.


1. The league runs with 10 teams with max. 12 players each.
2. To sign a player, the team owner has to offer a contract via forum and the player accept it.
3. The league currently has a council to own and run HFA.
4. The league has 2 Conferences (HNC and HAC), 5 teams each.
5. The top 3 teams of each conference make playourffs, except in case of a crossover, in which one team from the stronger conference could qualify even though he was the 4th placed team (CFL crossover rules are used for this).
CFL Crossover Rule: If the fourth place team in Division A has more points than the third place team in Division B, the fourth place team in Division A will make the playourffs and the third place team in Division B will not.
6. Each team plays every team in their conference and 4 teams of the other conference
7. Bans:
- 7-1. Cloning (1st) - 1 Season ban or 250gb fine.
- 7-2. Cloning (2nd+) - Perm or 500gb + (100gb for each cloning after the first).
- 7-3. Stealing/Hacking (some cases) - Perm until return of furni / Payment of debt:
-- 7-3-1. This rule only applies for players who are currently active on forums or have played in the last season or are signed to the next season (or have F.A threads).
-- 7-3-2. This rule only applies for the cases where the bet is posted on forums.
-- 7-3-3. Casino bets will only be protected if the whole bet is recorded (video) and posted on forums.
-- 7-3-4. If the loser deletes his post after losing the bet and trusted witnesses have seen it, then he has to pay an extra 20% of the bet value. If he does it by mistake, then he should acknowledge the bet loss in a maximum of 2 hours after deletion.
-- 7-3-5. For coin games (of any Habbo Sport), the game must be either recorded (video) or have trusted witnesses, along with the bet posted on forums.
-- 7-3-6. Bets of real life happenings have to be posted on forums and could vary from where a player is signing to who's winning the US president election to a sport finals winner. Real life happenings in which either sides can possibly have a major influence will not be protected by HFA.
-- 7-3-7. Video-games bets are not protected by HFA.
-- 7-3-8. HFA game bets are not protected by HFA.
-- 7-3-9. To be on the safe side, a council member can be asked to legitimate yourur forum bet before the outcome is decided.
- 7-4. Illegal playing (on team yourur not signed) - Half-ssn ban or 50c fine for reg. ssn / 1 Season ban or 100gb fine for playourffs.
- 7-5. Minor bans (bad behavior) - Ban length and fine varies, to a max of Half-ssn ban or 50gb fine.
8. Each team must accomplish their booth points goal, failing to do so will result in fines and/or suspensions to some players or the whole teams involved.
8-1. Each team must finish the season with 96 points, being rewarded, per game, 4 pts for tk'ing, 6 for stat keeping / 6 for gathering, 8 for reffing.


1. Offence players must stay on the scrimmage line or behind.
2. Defence players can stay anywhere behind scrimmage line.
3. The kicker must say "sets" or "-s-" before moving the "ball".
4. Any rushing before the kick is made will result on a redo on the kick with the "ball" positioned 1 square behind.
5. To onside, youru have to say 'declares' or 'onsides' or 'declares onsides', followed by 'sets' and kick the ball from 1 to 8 spaces ahead of the kickoff spot.
5-1. If the kicking team touches the ball first and the ball wasn't kicked at least 5 spaces, it will be a penalty and the receiving team can either back the kickoff by 2 spaces, or start the possession from the recover spot.
5-2. For a receiving player to recover the onside, they must step on the mat and stop on it. After stopping, they can return it normally. If the player just runs through the mat, it will be considered a fumble, being able to be recovered by either sides, even if the ball didn't travel 5 spaces.
5-3. If a ball is kicked over 8 spaces while onsides was declared, the ball will be considered "out of bounds", the receiving team will have the option to back up the kickoff in 2 spaces or start the possession at their own 40 yd line.
5-4. If youru declared onsides, youru have to kick with the mat, if youru want to cancel, youru have to say 'fake' or 'cancel onsides', then set the ball and kick it off.
5-5. No fakes or onsides may be called at the same bubble, neither youru can disguise the call with unrelated words.
5-6. Any tipping by the receiving team makes the ball alive, and able to be recovered by either team, whether a rug or a mat was used.
5-7. The rug can be used to onside, by simply kicking the rug at least 5 spaces and getting on it before the receiving team.
6. To make a fair catch, the returner can shout "Fair catch" or simply wave.


1. All players must stay behind the scrimmage line, the QB must lineup in one of the 2 mid spaces, behind the LOS, up to 4 spaces.
2. Before the play QBs may place the rug as close as 7 spaces behind the line of scrimmage, anything further than 7 spaces is permitted.
3. The QB must say "sets" to signify that the game play will begin. Then, the QB must move the sack mat onto the rollers to put the ball in movement.
4. The players can go through the scrimmage line after the QB sets the mat.
5. Any trespassing after the "ball" is set will result on a FS, moving the line back 1 square.
6. Once the sack mat, which shall be placed on a set of 4 rollers, reaches the floor, the QB will be sacked, the scrimmage line will be placed 1 space behind where the QB was (max of 5 spaces behind). The space used is where the QB stood up during the majority of the play (him running back to the rug because of a bad click doesn't make it a 5 space loss).
7. In order to spike, the QB must run across scrimmage line without moving the "ball" first. A QB spike will not be penalized by the rug back penalty.
8. Spiking on a clear sack situation will be considered a sack.
9. The QB cannot interfere on the result of his own pass, after he throws the rug, the only players able to catch/int/inc are his receivers and the defence. The QB must be ignored whether he touches the rug or not.


1. All players must stay behind the scrimmage line.
2. The players can go through the scrimmage line after the sack is placed.
3. Once the "ball" is in possession of an offence player, not QB, the defence can tackle him by getting to any position adjacent to him. youru can tackle from endzone.
4. When the ball is intercepted, the ball must be spotted at the furthest spot reached by the defender, unless he intentionally goes back, knowing of the possession, and gets tackled behind his interception spot.


1. To pass, the QB must move the "ball" into any field position after the scrimmage line.
2. The receivers must step on the "ball" before the opponent to be a valid reception.
3. The defence must step on the "ball" before the opponent to be a valid interception.
4. In case the receivers and the defence arrive the "ball" at the same time, or with 1 square delay, the pass will be incomplete.
5. Tipping:
5-1. If a player tips a ball before a catch/int happens by the other team, the ruling is an incomplete pass.
5-2. If a player tips a ball during a catch/int happens by the other team, the ruling is an incomplete pass.
5-3. If a player tips a ball after a catch/int happens by the other team, the ruling is catch/interception.
5-4. It is a incomplete pass when the tip happens as the player is entering the rug on his first step. If the tip happens when the player is already on the rug, either stopped or going for the 2nd step, then it is a catch/interception.
6. Back passing is not allowed, once the QB moves the "ball", it can't be moved again until the play is over.


1. To perform a handoff, the QB have to place the "ball" in any position adjacent to him (or 2 spaces away) behind the scrimmage line.
2. The rusher have to step on the "ball" before their opponents.
3. If the defence arrive the "ball" before the rusher, it'll result on a fumble recovered by the defence.
4. In case the rusher and the defence arrive the "ball" at the same time, the play will be a fumble recovered by the offence.
5. Passes behind the LOS (Screen/Swing passes):
5-1. If the rug is set behind the QB, the receiver cannot be angled, and the ball can be recovered as a fumble.
5-2. If the rug is set after the QB, the receiver can be angled, and the pass can be deflected or intercepted.
6. To perform a sneak, the QB must place the "ball" in any position adjacent to him behind the scrimmage line.
7. The handoff rules, from 1 to 4, are applied on the sneak, with the QB being the rusher.
8. There are no limits of sneaks per drive.
9. Bad sneaks:
9-1. If the QB places the ball behind the LOS, but not adjacent to him, it will be a fumble, and if picked up by the qb, he will be down at recovery (as long as he gets on it, characterizing the sneak).
9-2. If the QB places the ball adjacent to him, but at the LOS, it will be counted as a sack (as long as he gets on it, characterizing the sneak).
10. On a RB rushing situation (not on sneaking) or on a back pass, the defence must tackle the rusher directly, without angling so the player is down.

Extra Point/2 pt conv.

1. After a TD is scored, the offence must choose between an extra point or a 2 pt conv.
2. An extra point will award the team 1 point automatically.
3. To attempt a 2 pt conv., the QB must warn the ref that he's gonna do it.
4. On a 2 pt conv., the scrimmage line will be placed 2 squares from the endzone and the offence will have 1 chance to enter the endzone, winning 2 points for their team.

Field Goal

1. A field goal can be attempted from 14 squares from the endzone.
2. To perform a field goal the QB must move the dice into the field 3 squares behind him.
3. To fake a field goal, the QB must move the dice before sack mat is placed.
4. After the QB sets the mat the kicker must roll the dice.
5. The field goal will be good if the dice result meet the conditions:
--> 4 squares or less from the endzone: 2,3,4,5,6
--> from 5 to 6 squares from the endzone: 3,4,5,6
--> from 7 to 8 squares from the endzone: 5,6
--> from 9 to 10 squares from the endzone: 6
--> [2 dice] from 11 to 12 squares from the endzone: 11,12
--> [2 dice] from 13 to 14 squares from the endzone: 12
6. To block the field goal, the defence must reach the white mats near dice before the kicker starts rolling (no shutting down the dice).
7. If the field goal is good, the kicking team will be awarded with 3 points.
8. The first number that shows up on the dice is final.


1. A punt can be done from anywhere on the field.
2. On a punt, a dice is set 4 squares behind the LOS, with 2 white mats set near them (like in a FG).
3. After the QB sets the mat the punter must roll the dice.
4. If the punt isn't blocked (see 5), the referee will place the "ball" 7 spaces plus the dice result (1-6) from the LOS, placing it, on that line, in the nearest position to a defensive player
5. To block a punt, the defenders must reach the white mats before the dice starts rolling (no shutting down dice)
6. To make a fair catch, the returner can shout "Fair catch" or simply wave.
7. The punt will be muffed if the receiver tips the "ball" (goes through the corners without stepping on it), being recovered by either sides. In case of a tie, the player closest to the mat will have the "ball" (similar to the KR rules).


1. A penalty is when a player does something illegal to the running of the game.
2. Dead ball penalty means it's before the play happens, so the owner won't be asked to Accept or Decline.
3. Clock runs means the clock will run after the penalty if it was already running before it happened (ex. After a rush for 5 yds the offence commits a false start).
4. Explained penalties:
- 4-1. False start - Offensive player is on scrim line or beyournd it when the QB says 'sets' - 1 space pen, dead ball, clock runs.
- 4-2. Offsides - Defensive player is on scrimmage line or beyournd it when QB sets the mat - 1 space pen.
- 4-3. Unsportsmanlike conduct - Player does something offensive to a player or a ref, or acts in a way against the good running of the game - 3 space pen, dead ball (if during play, pen is enforced after down), clock runs.
- 4-4. Illegal snap - QB don't have the rug back when he says 'hike' - 1 space pen, dead ball, clock runs.
- 4-5. Intentional delay of game - QB hikes when he isn't allowed to (ex. During a timeout) - 1 space, dead ball, clock runs.
- 4-6. Illegal catch - Receiver comes directly from out of bounds to the "ball", from the mats to the rug, directly, angle or not - loss of down.
- 4-7. Too many men on the field - 1 space, dead ball only if prior to play, clock runs.
- 4-8. Illegal formation - The QB isn't in the middle 2 spots, or is farther than 4 spaces from the LOS - 1 space, dead ball, clock runs.
5. A ref can eject a player if he acts in a way against the running of the game, in repetitive times with the intention of preventing the game continuation.
6. A ref can penalize a team if any non-captain player expresses his judgement towards the ref or insults him or his job in any form, even sarcastically. The discussion between referee and team must be done through the captains, and even the captains must not insult the referees in the process.

Read more: http://ffaleague.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=rulebook&action=display&thread=20#ixzz2LxWM2pjI
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XEN HFA Official Rulebook
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